Monday, July 2, 2012

Coolest new thing in Sacramento, CA

Drive by art museum
You can get out of your car
but you don't have to

Just installed 350 sq. ft of museum quality fine art in my metal building and there is more in the studio

This is not the item of the week but I couldn't resist

High end art collection 
all work by California artist and writer, Farrell Hamann

let me know when you want to come by and I'll open up.
Event planners may be very interested in this.
Phone: 916-641-7696
About a block from the Kitchen Restaurant

Second Saturday Art Walk Sacramento, CA. Off Hurley Way, about half way between Arden Oaks and Sierra Oaks so you don't have to go all the way to midtown! Also, you can come anyday of the week and drive right up to the big garage door and someone could even view the collection from the car! Hah! 

Pug dog with the bone he found on his walk.

Painting my dinosaur sculpture.

Cute topless Princess in Thailand (really, a must see) Suppressed!:
Lovely bare breasted Princess, very cool!

For the girls:
New, artsy nail wrap company. My daughter loves these people and their product. (She's a beauty expert)
The Rachel Maddow Show 

Frog sculpture

Celtic Cross

Lamb sculpture

Camel Mosaic detail

Chateau on Rock

Mia the Best in Show rescue pug dog

Mosaic eggs

Pointy War Stick

Below: Warning signs of a stroke. Time lost is brain lost. Please read and pass along. F. 

Light Rail System Sacramento, California 


My critter collection in front of one of my 25 room castles. Working on another critter

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